James Vincent, Ph.D.



James Vincent, Ph.D., is a State of Kansas Licensed Psychologist, an independent practitioner, and co-founder of The Therapy Center. Dr. Vincent is a pediatric specialist with over twenty-five years of experience in various mental health settings, including schools, psychiatric centers, outpatient clinics and residential environments. He specializes in the assessment and treatment of child-related problems, such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities. Dr. Vincent is a nationally recognized expert in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis and provides Behavioral Consultation for persons with Developmental Disorders.

"Child-related problems are complex and require a systemic approach to treatment," explains Dr. Vincent. "I believe strongly in teaching children the skills to cope with life using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Children learn pivotal skills (e.g., stop and think) that will have a positive impact on their interaction with their environment. At the same time, I focus on modifying the home and classroom settings, so that these newly learned behaviors can be fostered."

Dr. Vincent's dedication to helping kids and their families is personal. He grew up struggling in school because of severe Dyslexia, a reading disorder: "What I discovered is that you can overcome barriers in life by working hard and getting along with others."

"I am passionate about teaching children skills to cope with life, equipping (or preparing) them to produce meaningful interactions and avoid unpleasant consequences. I am a believer in positive thinking and helping people find their niche in life."

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Rate: $210.00/hr | Initial Interview: $210.00

Dr. Vincent is a preferred provider for most insurance companies.