Brock McKay, Ph.D.



Brock L. McKay, Ph.D., is a State of Kansas Licensed Psychologist, an independent practitioner, and co-founder of The Therapy Center. Dr. McKay works with children, adolescents, and adults, providing psychological testing and psychotherapy with clients affected by depressive disorders, panic and anxiety, relational and adjustment issues, Christian issues, personality disorders, identity issues, and having special emphasis diagnosing and treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Dr. McKay utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure and response prevention (CBT and ERP), as well as multi-modal approaches for OCD.

"My initial purpose with adolescents and adults," says Dr. McKay, "is to establish a working relationship with a client in which they can trust the relationship and trust themselves. Then we can look at what might be interfering with achieving their goals or experiencing a more satisfying life."

Dr. McKay's personal passion is working with adolescents and adults to confirm identity. "Every person has intrinsic value; however, many struggle with the realization that how they function is simply different from who they are, even if they cannot yet define that. Good therapy works with a patient to answer three critical questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I want to get there? Only by answering the first question well can the answers to the second and third take valid shape."

"I see a person's identity, no matter what they have been through, remains something to be uncovered or discovered. I have found this to be true: 'Who you are is not what you have been through. There is always more to you than that.' There is an enormous distinction between an issue affecting someone and that issue determining who that person is. Clarifying that distinction leads to a person's true identity."

Dr. McKay is married with three children. He is a spirited Canadian with broad life and work experiences from living in Montreal, Texas, California, and Scotland. He insists that he carries valuable lessons from selling jeans on Oxford Street and in Soho, London, and exploring the Yukon Territories in helicopters. 

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Rate: $210.00/hr | Initial Interview: $210.00

Dr. McKay is a preferred provider for most insurance companies.